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Astatix Launcher

What's new in version 1.63

Here are all major changes in the new version of Astatix Launcher.


  • Interface improved
  • Icon updated

  • The icon in the system tray auto restored after Explorer crash
  • New installer and smarter installation process
  • It is possible to keep settings of the previously installed version of the program

  • Added support of command line parameters for executable files
  • During the first start launcher detects paths for some applications from default settings
  • Bars hides automatically after executing full screen applications (many games, video players, screensavers and many other programs).
  • Fixed bugs in the Astatix Launcher Manager in cases where any panel had no bars.
  • Improved interface of Astatix Launcher Manager.
  • Added Windows XP Themes support.
  • Fixed bug: it was impossible to run launcher if configuration manager was running.
  • Now you can't run more than one copy of Astatix Launcher Manager.
  • Now supported environment variables in the file path (e.g. you can use such path to the file "%WINDIR%\Notepad.exe").
  • You can use not only path to the file, but also path to disk or folder (e.g. "C:\", "C:\Games\").
  • Fixed bugs with extracting icons from *.scr files (screensavers).
  • Icons for disks and folders are shown correctly.
  • Now icons for URLs also showed (HTTP, FTP and other protocols).
  • Fixed serious bug: after modifying hotkeys and applying changes unnecessary bars were created and launcher incorrectly processed Hide, Show, Disable and Enable commands.
  • In Windows 2000/XP hidden bars (with visible part equals 0) did not changed their image after modifying them.
  • Added new feature: Turn Monitor Off.
  • Fixed issue with restoring correct arrangement of bars in the deactivated state of the launcher.
  • Dramatically decreased use of system resources.
  • Help updated.