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Astatix Launcher Testimonials

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Great software
This software is great. I am going to use this everyday now! (Jeffrey)

This program is very good.
I search all over to find programs that will enhance my computer to make it easy for me to do stuff; this program does a good job. This program puts many bars on different sides of the screen. You can put multiple shortcut icons onto them. This is great if you have a lot of programs you use. This program has a lot of other nice features too, though I care not to go into detail. A good thing about this program is it's very stable, it's pretty easy to use, and it works quickly. Overall, this is a very good program. I suggest that anyone who crams their task bar with icons get this. (John K.)

Can't live in Windows without it!
Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use. Lots of options. I've got lots of useful screen space. Thank you. (Michael C.)

Simple. Perfect.
Great replacement for the Office taskbar. (Kate R.)

An excellent app launcher with lots of options.
This application launcher bar is very complete. Includes neat options (Jeffrie W.)

Best program of its kind
I ended up with such an unbelievably powerful launcher on th Earth! (Dirk V.)

I love Astatix Launcher
Astatix Launcher is clearly a solution if your desktop is getting messy and you never seem to have enough space for all your application icons. (Ronald F.)

The best quick launch you can ask for Yeah!
This thing does it all. The configuration is intuitively easy. (Kenneth T.)

An Excellent Launcher
It is very configurable with a plethora of options. It takes a little while to figure out exactly how to configure the toolbars, but once they are configured it's the best application launcher I've used thus far. Highly recommended. (Stephen B.)

Don't forget to download it
Astatix Launcher is stable, efficient and so easy to configure tool. This is the feature-richest launcher on earth with so many options to play around with. (Mikael W.)

Works great
This program did exactly what I was looking for, is very customizable, and has a good-looking interface, unlike the similar apps I tried. Highly recommended. (Norman A.)

This makes life worth living
This application is awesome, and makes my life a little easier and less stressful. A must have for any PC user who quickly wants to launch different applications. (Boris I.)

Works very well
Nice program for hotkeys. You can control Winamp anytime! Thanks for the great tool. (Software Discounts)

I've been using this one for a long time now and it is just great. No problems whatsoever. (Robert R.)

One of the Best
Easy to install. Fast and intuitive to use. Programs seem like they start faster. Desktop is beautiful and clean. This is truly flawless in it's creation. I deeply thank the authors for this tool. I will never use that slow cranky start menu again.

Very cool software!
Simply the best. Very convenient program, more faster and more useful than windows start button. (Jessica K.)